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The ReFresh Institute

The ReFresh Institute Inc. exists to empower one's destiny through biblical & vocational education; refreshing ones’ purpose in life, empowering their individual creative makeup. 

We are committed to providing the following:

  • Quality Empowerment Education

  • Hosting a Safe Place for Creatives to Grow

  • Building Strong Interpersonal Communities

Intersession School:The Foundations of Intercession

Makiyah Jones is a prophet that has been called to lead the body of Christ back to the place of communion with the Father. Her passion for prayer, and to see men and women revived, is what drives her to avail herself to being used, by the Lord, until chains are broken off the lives of His people and generations are restored back to Him. She is truly a revivalist for this time, that carries the fire of God and desires to see all men come to know Christ. 


An opportunity for everyone to take what's being taught here and apply it to their everyday lives. Breaking old habits and create generational wealth for themselves.

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